Tea Time

Over the weekend I decided to host a tea party for my friend Eunice while we watched WAR & PEACE. We had decided we wanted to watch the series together and I thought a tea would be the perfect thing to accompany it. Honestly any excuse to have a tea party is a good enough excuse for me.

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I wanted to have the traditional items one had for a tea but update it at the same time while not breaking the bank. I decided to make three types of scones, have one sandwich, and a few treats at the top. This would all be with some sparkling wine and tea on the side.

For the scones I wanted a mix of savory and sweet. I decided to make a lemon poppyseed scone, Trader Joe’s new pumpkin scones, and of course my favorite ham and cheese scones. I bought mini jars of clotted cream for everyone as a parting gift or as a topping for their sweet scones.

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For the sandwich I ordered Le Pain Quotiden’s avocado tartine. It is to die for! I really need to figure out how they make it. I cut the tartine into finger sandwich size and placed that on the second tier of my stand.

For the sweets I bought Trader Joe’s macarons and lemon bars. Eunice wanted coconut macaroons as well so I made those that morning. Eunice, I’m pretty sure, ate all of the coconut macaroons. Julia on the other hand ate all of the ham and cheese scones.

Since this was also a viewing party I needed to have the set up in our living room. This added a challenge to my planning as I didn’t have any table cloths that fit our coffee table. I decided to use some kraft paper and emboss a design on to it. Thank goodness I happened to have tea stamps and gold embossing powder lying around! The stamps came out so well and really added a special touch to the otherwise plain covering.

We watched two episodes of the eight episode series before we had to depart but we all had such a marvelous time! I can’t wait to watch the next six later this month!


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