Oscars 2017

It’s one of my favorite times of year! The Oscars are on Sunday! I absolutely adore watching the Oscars and always try to watch at least all of the Best Picture Nominees before the show. This year I’ll be attending someone else’s viewing party but I wanted to leave a few last minute ideas for people looking to throw something together on Sunday!

When I host an Oscar party I always make sure to set the scene. There’s a lot of gold and black decor. A bar area can easily be classed up with a black table cloth and some gold rimmed champagne glasses. An alternative option is to wrap your table in wrapping paper. I always love a good gold stripe. Another fun thing to do is serve a champagne punch with the label “Oscar Buzz.” It’s a cheeky nod to all the hype that surrounds the pre-nomination period.


Make sure all of your guests fill out a ballot! I’ve included a printable download HERE! You can just use it for bragging rights or you could provide a prize! Last year I bought a chocolate gold oscar from Compartes and gave that to the 1st prize winner. 2nd and 3rd received Sugarfina cubes of Champagne Gummy Bears. Obviously the chocolate statues take a bit more planning, but any specialty candy or splint of champagne makes for a sweet prize.

Another fun game you can play is bingo! Pure Wow has these adorable bingo cards that you could print out and hand to your guests. It might be a bit more rowdy than the ballots but I’m sure it’ll be an equally great time! Use snacks or M&Ms to mark your spots.

If you’re worried about food have no fear Trader Joe’s is always a safe bet. I recently hosted a last minute soiree where I served several of their frozen appetizers. Their gruyere ham flat bread is an easy, elevated option. Slice it into several slices and you have a great appetizer for several people. You can also go more kid friendly with their delicious mac n cheese balls or parmesan pigs in a blanket. The fact of the matter is that Trader Joe’s allows you to create several different food options for a minimal cost, and no this post is not paid for by Trader Joe’s.


If you’re looking for more themed options, individual servings of popcorn are always a favorite for a movie themed party. You can create a make your own popcorn mix station so every guest gets their perfect sweet and salty combination.

Enjoy the show!

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