I don’t know about you, but I love matchbooks. Sure they can be pretty standard but the ones that go above and beyond really are a work of art. I’ve collected several matchbooks from my travels, wanderings, and from friends who know me a little too well.

As you may have seen before I love gallery walls. My old apartment in Los Angeles had a huge one in our living room. My roommate and I mainly sourced the materials from things we already own. I’ve helped curate numerous friend’s gallery walls and that’s always my first piece of advice, “Look at what you already have laying around.” My current apartment in NYC has two small gallery walls that I love but I was looking to add a piece or two. I decided it was finally time to try an idea I’d had percolating for a while since stumbling upon an amazing instagram account Matchbookdiaries. Why pay for a print of a matchbook when I could frame the original one myself?!

I purchased some white 6×6 shadowboxes and plugged in my glue gun! I can’t wait to hang them up on my wall when I’m back in the city.

Do you have any matchbooks you’d turn into art?

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