Summer BBQ

It’s summer in Los Angeles, which means it’s starting to get hot out! A heat wave hit the city this weekend and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do more than host a BBQ! One thing I miss a lot from home are the nights my family would grill up dinner. My dad makes a mean steak, fish, burger, basically anything on the grill. There’s just something so satisfying about grilled food on a hot day. Like most of my gatherings, this little BBQ was thrown together very last minute but it sure was fun!


The only concept I had in my head was that I’d have a table for food and blow my kiddie pool up so the ladies could take a dip if they so desired. I had a relatively small menu and everyone brought something along which made life so much easier! The only prep I really needed to accomplish the night before was carving the watermelon, assembling the grill (whoops), and putting together the ice box cake for dessert. I only accomplished two of the three; can you tell which one I missed?


Everyone came over at 1 pm and most people stayed till 5! It was such a nice way to spend a hot day!

Here’s my simple BBQ menu!


Grilled BBQ Chicken
Corn on the Cob
Mocha Chocolate Chip Ice Box Cake
Watermelon Mojitos


For music, I’m a huge fan of Spotify’s Totally Stress Free playlist. What playlist do you like to have on during the summer?

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